Diversity + Flexibility = Modern Workplace

We understand that everyone has unique circumstances and challenges when trying to achieve work-life balance in this today’s fast paced digital world, which is why we are a modern workplace that prides itself on diversity, inclusion and workplace flexibility. We believe in making each and every member of our team feel valued for what they bring to our company which is why diversity, inclusion and workplace flexibility sits at the heart of our values and is central to our objective of becoming a recognized globally for delivering high quality Software Development and Consulting services, nurturing talent and effecting positive social change.

SMEx Digital is committed to building a workforce that is representative of the communities in which we live and work. Our culture thrives on openness, mutual respect, collaboration and diversity of thought in the workplace among people who are also diverse in work background, experience, education, age, gender, race, national origin, physical abilities, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other real and perceived differences. We believe that our commitment to diversity and inclusion creates a distinct advantage and will continue to produce a more innovative, responsive and collaborative experience for our Clients.

We embrace flexible working conditions because we believe that everyone should be given the support to continue in their careers without compromising their personal commitments and for their performance to be judged on the quality of their output and not on the hours that they have worked. We have first hand experience in building a highly collaborative distributed team through our commitment to diversity, inclusion and workplace flexibility and encourage all Companies whether your a Startup, SMB or Enterprise to follow this approach.

“As a working mom it is really difficult to be a good mom and being able to grow in your career. At SMEx Digital this is made possible due to the flexible hours I am able to work. When the kids are sick I can work from home and I have the option to choose my own working hours. They love it and I most definitely love it!”, Anthea Lang – Operations Manager at SMEx Digital.

“As a mum of 2 beautiful little girls, working full time has always been a daunting task, especially when family support is not so close in hand. SMEx Digital has allowed me to return back to work full time, providing me with the flexibility to choose my working hours accordingly, to cater for my family needs. I can work 6 hours during the day, spend quality time with my kids and complete the rest of the hours during after office hours. As we are global, I still get the support and communication I need to complete my task any time. Not only did this allow me to have a work life balance, but also allowed me to have a guilt free career progress, which we all struggle at times to achieve as a parent”, Mary-Anne Francis – QA Analyst at SMEx Digital.