SMEx Digital Turns 5


So we’ve in business for 5 years now. Wow, it feels like yesterday that I was working as a one man show trying to figure out how to take the next steps. Where does the time go!

Being an avid believer in the Agile methodology I value the opportunity to reflect, tune and adjust my behaviour and what better time to reflect and share the SMEx journey than our 5th Birthday.

After being involved in many multi-vendor enterprise application projects, I started SMEx Digital with the goal of establishing a trusted provider of subject matter expertise in the Enterprise Application Development and Consulting domains, that cares about its people, exceeds client expectation and makes a positive difference in the world. This is actually where our name comes from, Subject Matter Experts (SMEx) pronounced ‘S-M-X’.

My goal for SMEx Digital was to mirror my own values and beliefs which were based on the notion of treating others as you wish to be treated, trust your team, try to make yourself redundant, keep your promises and lead by example. I also believe that as businesses create wealth they have responsibility to re-distribute that wealth to contribute to solving social issues.

Whilst these were noble ideals, I quickly learnt that they were quite challenging to implement in the business world and that although my views were a little over ambitious, I was determined to succeed.

The last 5 years has seen SMEx Digital grow into a global company with a distributed team across four continents. These years have been filled with endless opportunities for personal growth, which at times has been challenging to face, but it has taught me the importance of continuously improving ourselves and being invested in a greater purpose, beyond our individual wants or needs. When we are working with a greater sense of purpose we allow ourselves to do things that we may not have thought possible.

Every company has its own journey and history and with most of us spending a large portion of our time at work, it’s important to seek out the story of your company to bring more meaning into your daily activities and to find a purpose to what you are contributing to.

Our journey has re-enforced my belief that teams make the world go round, leading us into tomorrow, which is why I am grateful to be working with such a diverse group of people; not only our internal team but also our clients.

To celebrate our 5th Birthday we honoured our value of giving back by buying each member of our team a World Vision gift. Read more at World Vision – Gifts



Thank you to everyone who contributes to making SMEx Digital a great place to work. I look forward to seeing our future achievements over the next 5 years as we move closer to our vision.

Keith Jenneke – CEO SMEx Digital